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01/14/09 02:18 PM #2    


Victor McKenzie

Hello Classes, lets get some dialog going. Vic

01/19/09 08:10 PM #3    

Darryl Thames (Thames)

Whassup people!

Please tell your friends (classmates) to tell a friend about our new website. Thanks to Marcella Milner, Vic McKenzie and Lydia Ortiz, we are up and running. We plan to use this as a communication medium to inform our classmates about events and reunion planning.

Speaking of events, I spoke to Shawn Bell the other day about putting together a "Battle of the DJs" at the West Indian Club, reminiscent of the old days when many of us had to get rides from our parents to get to the club so we could dance to the drummer's beat. Remember Preston Hall doing the moonwalk at the West Indian Club? I'm talking about IGM and Funk Control for those of you who have forgotten.

In any event, we're just bouncing the idea around at this point. I'll keep you all posted.

Happy Inauguration Day!! U gotta love President Obama for his confidence, intelligence and soulfoul swagger. Move on Black Man move on!!


Darryl E. Thames

01/24/09 10:56 PM #4    

Jacqueline Kennedy (Robinson)

there is another web site for all weaver alumnis it is called after you log on go to the right hand corner and type in weaver and then you can join to see all the class mates from way back to 1987 they only have 60 members so please go and sign up.

jackie kennedy robinson

01/26/09 01:32 PM #5    


Victor McKenzie

If you would like to be a part of the planning for our next reunion please send me an email. This is a great
forum to exhange thoughts and ideas. If anyone has a
picture of our 1981 Weaver Beaver, please email it to me. Thanks Vic

02/27/09 05:04 PM #6    

Gregory Craft

Well said Wanda.

With the help of our corporate officers and staff members such as Wanda Vinters Jones, the creation of this company has been and will continue to be a labor of love and dedication.

Our new president has outlined the three major areas of focus for his administration. Energy, Health Care and Education. It is now time for individuals, community leaders and grass-root organizations such as Street Sweepers Inc. to get involved and stay involved in the push for better schools.

Weaver is on the chopping block. Lets add helping Hartfords youth to our legacy.

If you have any questions, ideas or comments you can e-mail me at or on this forum.

I am the Vice Chairman and COO for Street Sweepers,Inc.

03/04/09 10:23 PM #7    


Victor McKenzie

Our Class Of 81 site membership is growing, please pass the word on and post updated photos. I will be posting the photos of our class reunion and functions that led up to the reunion.

03/04/09 10:33 PM #8    


Victor McKenzie

Come on people...lets get some dialog going, don't be shy..Post memorable events that happened during our 77-81 years, what teacher do you remember most, what classmate do you remember most....Ok I will start it off..Gina McCrorey and Shirley Whitt doing the Coca Cola Mean Joe Greene commercial at lunch one day...remember
this stuff can be used at our next reunion...LOL

03/07/09 08:16 PM #9    

Michael Smith

Hello to all from Korea. I think this is a outstanding way to communicate especailly for those who find themselves in any climb and place throughout the world. At the end of the month I will return to Japan were I am stationed. Thanx Vic for informing me about the website. Have a good one Beaver Nation!

Mike Smith

03/07/09 08:43 PM #10    

Tina Thomas (Lloyd)

Tina Lloyd here, most of you will remember me as Tina Thomas. I like Lloyd better........(smile). Lots to say short on time, wanted all to know I'm still alive and kicking,living in North Carolina. I'll be checking in.

I continued cheering right through college, don't have as big of a mouth anymore, however I can still do a split.

Go Tina...................

Thanks Muff for letting me know about the website.

03/02/10 02:43 PM #11    

Darryl Thames (Thames)

Dear Classmates:

It is time to begin to plan for our next class reunion! Can you believe that next year it will have been 30 years since our graduation from Weaver High? Wow!

Next year, we plan to join forces with the class of 1982 and take a fantastic voyage to one of the islands. If you are interested in being a part of the planning committee, please respond to this message with your email address and phone number. Your participation is needed, wanted and welcomed...SO STEP UP! We need to do several things initially:

- Put together a committee with officers from each class
- Poll classes to gauge interest in the cruise
- Meet with a travel agent(s)to discuss cost and event details
- Plan a series of fundraisers and get togethers to reduce overall cost
- Set the date for an initial meeting. This will take place on March 12th or 13th.

I'm interested in your questions, comments and/or concerns. Please send them to me and I will respond to them either on an individual basis or to the entire mailing list if appropriate.

Let's get this party started!!!


Darryl E. Thames
Class of 1981

03/05/10 02:06 PM #12    

Brenda Polo (Akande)

Hi Everyone,

I am interested in the reunion. I saw last reunion photos and was sorry that I didn't attend. Hope that I don't miss out on this one. Any updates to our 30th please contact me via email or phone @ 860-527-2069.

03/14/10 12:31 PM #13    

Densil M Samuda

I think we should do something locally for those that don't swim and then cap it off with one of those cruises out of NYC that go out to sea for about 2 or three days of more partying

03/15/10 09:48 PM #14    

Beatrice Lazu

Hello Curt Booker
I tried to respond through the email, but it has some sort of block. In response to your question yes my parents still live on Burnham street. I am on facebook so if you are on it hit me up. I hope you get this. I hope all is well with you.

Take care

Beatrice Lazu

05/18/10 11:41 PM #15    

Linnett White (Dailey)

Hi classmate of 1981 I love the web site you all did a great job.Beable to keep in touch with friend near and far.also. Keep me in prayer I was in a car accident on 2/21/10 .Long story short it was just me a lone.I was airlifted to the hospital ,a broken leg. In that leg I have a rod and 4 screws in my leg .God was watching over me I have to learn to walk again ,I in a wheel chair well since I'm home. I HAVE A WEB TO GO PHONE WITH INTERNET my e-mail .It's nice to beable to e-mail friend in a hard times.Thank for all your hard work on Weaver High class of 1981 .Keep in touch Linnett 404-645-5808 your support

05/30/10 10:48 AM #16    

Margarita Rodriguez

Glad to see all my classmate from 1981. Cant make it to the next reunion (short notice), just found out about this site, thanks to Ed. Im on facebook if anyone wants to add me.

06/18/10 10:37 PM #17    


Rosa Billington (Williams)

Hi Class of "1981"

Please join us as we plan our 30th class reunion, we would like to make it as good as the last one but we need your help;your input is very important to us. 

Dates for the next meeting will be posted soon.  We meet twice a month on Fridays, 6:00p.m. at the Rajun Cajun.  Please join us.

07/17/10 09:31 AM #18    


Pauline Virgo (Wilson)

Hey Guys,

Pauline Wilson(Virgo), putting in her two cents.  Cruise idea is fabulous, but I dont like being on the water especially with all of the sickness breakouts and people dissapearing and the war climate the way it is. I would love to do things more locally.  I also have a son starting college this month finances are tight.  

Anyhow keep the message board rolling !!




08/27/10 08:57 AM #19    


Rosa Billington (Williams)

Class of "1981" there will be a planning meeting tonight, Friday, August 27, 2010 at 6:00p.m. at the Wilson's Pizza shop located in Windsor, CT.  Please join us with your ideas.  Looking forward to seeing you there.  If you have any questions, please call me at 860.539.3005.  Minutes from this meeting will be posted along with new meeting dates, soon after today's meeting.

Rosa B. Williams


09/18/10 01:49 AM #20    


Rosa Billington (Williams)

Hi Class of 1981, we are hosting a fundraiser bowling party on Saturday, September 25th at the Silver Lanes Bowling Alley in East Hartford.  Tickets are $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for children 12 and under.  The bowling party will start at 10:00p.m. until 2:00a.m.  There will be a live DJ on site. 

This is the first of many fundraisers that we will be hosting.  Please stay tuned and continue to check on the Class of 1981 website for more information.  We will be hosting a second bowling party on October 23rd; which will also be held on a Saturday night.

Tententive Agenda for 30th Class Reunion:

So far the dates for the 30th Class Reunion are Friday, July 22nd (meet & greet) working on a 4hr. boat ride, Saturday, July 23rd (The Reunion at the Convention Center, Downtown Hartford) Hotel rooms will be available and Sunday, July 24th (Church and Cookout at Gina McCrory's home)

If you are interested in particpating in helping plan the 30th Class Reunion please join us this Wednesday,  September 22nd at 6:00p.m. at Wilson Pizza Shop. We will be finalizing the details for our bowling party on Saturday, September 25th.

Committee Members Are:

Victor McKenzie, Darryl Thames, James Harris, Jeffrey (Muff) Johnson, Jacke Lewis, Rhonda (Whitt) Johnson, Janice (Day) Mickles, Gina McCrory, Donna (Thompson) Daniels, Sharon Manns, Rosa (Billington) Williams and you.  Come join us....


01/16/11 11:54 AM #21    

Linnett White (Dailey)

Hi class of 1981 I have called Weaver High,I have left messages about going about buying class 1981 Year Book,with No response I spoke with a answer machine each time with no call back or e-mail if I can buy my 1981 CLASS YEAR BOOK.What company did the year book maybe they can HELP because no one@ WEAVER HIGH Can.CAN YOU HELP ME?Linnett White-Davila]-Linnett Dailey/know

01/26/11 09:21 PM #22    

Pamela Gatison (Givans)

Hello class of 81. I am looking forward to seeing everyone this summer.  Please keep me informed of what is expected this year.  I am on facebook, last name is Givans.  Look me up!!!!

02/26/14 10:46 PM #23    


Sherry Wilson

good evening class of 81 with someone contact me of any upcoming events for this year please looking forward to another reunion haven't been to one yet want to play catch up on everyone and everything have a great and blessed evening until next time,God Bless :-)

10/23/17 08:28 AM #24    


Victor McKenzie

Hey Beaver C/O '81 Family.... smiley

I hope all is has been a long time since I last logged on here....So....i'm gonna start the conversation.

We have a new milestone coming and is not too far out....:

(1981) 40 YEARS (2021)

I'm ready for another Reunion....who with me...?

Calling my committee members, and anyone else interested in getting in on the planning....


Hit me up and I'll start making calls....and we can get to planning...





10/29/17 08:15 AM #25    


Rosa Billington (Williams)

Hello to the Class of 1981. Thanks so much Victor for starting off this conversation regarding our "40th" class reunion. I don't know about y'all but that sounds crazy as heck to me, 40 years...WOW lol. Well a few of us have been conversing on setting a date to discuss what's next in planning for our 40th reunion. We have a 4 year window to raise funds to lower the cost for whatever we decide to do. The key word we have to remember in moving forward is "consistent". We have to be consistent to be successful with our planning ideas. We have an AWESOME team in place and we invite any Weaver Beavers that is ready to work to join us. If interested, please respond to the survey Victor has created on this site for our convenience (thanks Victor).  Thank you Marcela for making this site possible. Our Committee Members are:  Rhonda (Whitt) Johnson, Victor McKenzie, Rosa Billington, Sharon Manns, Gina McCrory, James (Jimmy) Harris, Janice (Day) Mickles, Jeffrey (Muff) 

Johnson, Marcela Milner, David Scruse and Darryl Thames. Please feel free to communicate with us on this site or inbox us on FB. I believe most of us cld be found on FB. Committee planning dates will be posted soon.  It's been a pleasure and I look forward in growing our committee and from hearing from each of you. *Blessing Class of 1981* 

09/11/18 09:40 AM #26    


Pauline Virgo (Wilson)




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