Meeting Minutes



CLASS OF “1981”
 MINUTES - May 7, 2010
What:              Planning Committee Meeting (Class of 1981)
Time:               6:00p.m.
Location:         Rajun Cajun
Officers:          President:                    Victor McKenzie
                        Vice President:            Darryl Thames
                        Treasurer:                    Victor McKenzie
                        Sergeant at Arms:       Gina McCrory
                        Secretary:                    Rosa B. Williams
  1. Reunion Options (need to vote on)
    1. 3 day cruise
    2. 4 hour cruise, reunion night, cookout
    3. Resort (Poconos, Cape Code, Marta’s Vineyard) Charter Bus
  1. Months for Reunion (need to vote on)
    1. June
    2. July
    3. August
  1. Dues
    1. Suggested to start with increments of $50.00 to put money into the kitty
    2. Make monthly payments to Class of 1981 account(payment goes toward
your balance
    1. Open PO Box under Class of 1981
    2. Victor Mckenzie, Treasurer
    3. Make payments via Pen Pal, Money Order, Electronically
    4. Members that paid dues is listed below:
(Individual amounts on spreadsheet- collected $200.00 on May 7th)
      Rosa, Rhonda, Gina, Donna, Mary, Janice, Victor, Anthony Jordan,
      Sonsecharay, Jeffrey (Muff) and David Copeland
  1. Committees
    1. Public Relations
-          Chair: Donna Thompson, Committee: Muff Johnson,
Jacky Lewis
    1. Event Planners
-          Co-Chair: Lisa Hightower, Rhonda Johnson, Rosa Williams
    1. Fund Raiser
-          Chair: Janice Day: Committee: Mary Daniels, Jessie Keith
Sonsecharay Hayes, Gina McCrory
  1. Fund Raisers Ideas (committee will present details at May 21st meeting)
-          Fish Fry
-          Bowling Party
-          Old School Dance
-          Cocktail Sip
-          Zumba Fitness Party
-          Wine Tasting Party
-          Cake Sale
-          Car Wash
-          Candy Sale
-          Casino Trip
-          Kids Carnival
-          Avon Fund Raiser
-          Raffle Tickets (Donated Items)
      Present:                 Victor McKenzie, Darryl Thames, Jeffrey Johnson,
Anthony Jordan, Anthony Palmer, Jessie Keith,
Antoine MiQuillar, Rosa Billington-Williams,
Rhonda Johnson, Gina McCrory, Mary Daniel-Greene,
Janice Day-Mickle, Donna Thompson-Daniel,
Lisa Hightower, Sonsecharay Hayes, Marcelina Milner
-          Rosa will open up a PO Box at the Main Post Office in Hartford/Weston St.
-          Meetings will be held twice a month at Rajun Cajun – 6:00pm
-          Each committee member is to present plans for their suggested
Fund Raiser
-          Need to post information from meeting on Face book, Class of
“81” website, My Space, etc
 -   Victor and Darryl need to add contact numbers to Class of “81”
    Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 p.m.
    Next Meeting-Friday, May 21st
E-Mail Addresses

Rosa B. Williams
Rhonda Johnson
Janice Day Mickle
Mary Daniel Green
Donna T. Daniel
Gina McCrory
Lisa Hightower
Sonsecharay Hayes
Darryl Thames
Anthony Jordan
Anthony Palmer
Victor McKenzie
Jeff Johnson
Jessie Keith
71 Ridge St. Manchester, CT
Antoine MiQuillar
33 Oakland Terrace 1st fl. Htfd, CT

Dues Payment

Mary Green Daniel
May 7, 2010
Rhonda Johnson
May 7, 2010
Janice Day Mickle
May 7, 2010
Victor McKenzie
May 7, 2010
Donna Thompson Daniel
May 7, 2010
Sonsecharay Hayes
May 7, 2010
Jeff (Muff) Johnson
May 7, 2010
Rosa Billington-Williams
May 7, 2010
Gina McCrory
May 7, 2010
Anthony Jordan
May 7, 2010
David Copeland
May 7, 2010
May 7, 2010

Will keep a spreadsheet soon